80 people guard Faye Wong from media

The Chinese diva was guarded by 80 crew members from members of the media during an advertisement shoot

Chinese diva Faye Wong has been under wide media attention following her rumoured reconciliation with Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse last week. She was in Taiwan to film an advertisement yesterday where 40 crew members were mobilised to guard her from the media initially.

When the 45-year-old arrived at the farm in Hualien in the morning, members of the media swarmed the venue and another 40 crew members were added to keep journalists at bay. There were barricades at the location and security guards were deployed to ensure Faye’s safety.

Despite the strict set-up, some journalists managed to catch a glimpse of the singer, who was dressed in a white shirt showing off her slender legs. Faye was seen touching her tummy occasionally, further highlighting her pregnancy rumours even though her manager had denied it previously.

The shoot took four hours, after which Faye retired to the hotel without having lunch.

In addition, it was reported that even workers of the farm were restricted from entering the premises during the shoot, causing much unhappiness and inconvenience.

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