A flash marriage for Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong?

The couple does not rule out flash marriage, and are said to be looking for an apartment in Hong Kong

Following the attention-grabbing reconciliation between Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse and Chinese diva Faye Wong last week, the two are said to be looking for an apartment in Hong Kong in preparation for a flash marriage – something they did not rule out.

Nicholas and Faye had reportedly gone to see a fortune teller 14 years ago, when they first dated, who said the latter was rescued from a river by the former, and Faye never doubted that.

After her divorce with Li Yapeng last year, the 45-year-old went on pilgrimage to India where she was enlightened that her marriage with Yapeng was “to repay her debts from her previous life”. There is someone else – whom she believes is Nicholas – waiting for her.

Now that they have reunited, Nicholas will be taking a month’s break to spend time with Faye and to find an apartment which will be convenient for their future dates.

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