A-Mei may have a flash marriage with her 4-year boyfriend

The Taiwanese singing diva may just be ready to wed her 42-year-old bartender boyfriend

A-Mei was recently rumoured to be ready for marriage with her boyfriend of four years, Sam, after the two had made an appearance at their café’s third anniversary party.

The couple began their relationship four years ago and kept a low-profile. However, Sam expressed his love for the singing diva by posting a photo of his tattoo of A-Mei’s name on his left arm last July, seemingly hinting that the two are ready to take their relationship a step further.

Speculations of A-Mei’s intention to get married after her concert world tour this year also surrounded her after she revealed that she was open to the idea of a flash marriage. However, the couple may choose to keep their marriage a secret as A-Mei is protective of her private life.

At the anniversary party of the café they have jointly invested in, blonde-haired A-Mei played the role of a host for the party, initiating selfies and photos with her fans and customers and engaging them in games and drinks.

Sam, on the other hand, was reserved and sat quietly at a corner. He seemed happy to observe his joyful girlfriend at a distance. The couple also made eye contact with each other from time to time.

It was not until 10:30p.m. that night when A-Mei left the café with her face flushed from drinking.

When asked by reporters if Sam had proposed to her and when she had planned to marry, A-Mei smiled and acted like she did not hear the question before she boarded her car.

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