Aaron Kwok teased for being long-winded

The Hong Kong star was teased by Stephen Fung for being long-winded

The judges for 51st Golden Horse Awards, including Hong Kong singer Aaron Kwok, actor-director Stephen Fung and Joan Chen, arrived in Taiwan on Wednesday (Nov 12) for a media conference.

While Stephen, a first-timer at the judging process previously said he could cope with reviewing 38 films in 10 days, Aaron responded to the same question in a long-winded manner which prompted laughter from the former.

The 49-year-old, who spoke in Mandarin, had apparently gone off topic when he shared that sufficient sleep and exercise are a must. Stephen then joked that he would take the star for spicy hotpot “to shut him up”.

Thereafter, Aaron quipped he is a straightforward person and will not hesitate to express his opinions, which is believed to be what he will stand by while reviewing the movies.

This year, two-time Golden Horse Best Actress winner Joan will be heading the judging panel after receiving the baton from influential film figure Lee Ang.

As Taiwanese production KANO was rumoured to be banned from China because its plot portrays the Japanese colonial era in a partially positive light, Joan expressed objectively that the panel will not take political elements into consideration when judging.

And when asked about the reported conflict between her and Best Actress nominee Gong Li, the former dismissed rumours, saying that she admired Gong Li’s work and even praised her as being one of the best actresses in China.

Stephen Fung’s first time as Golden Horse Awards judge

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