Adam Cheng refuses to act with Damian Lau

The two veteran Hong Kong actors are said to have a 40-year feud and both refused to star in the same projects

Adam Cheng refuses to act with Damian Lau

The long-time feud between Hong Kong veteran actors Adam Cheng and Damian Liu resurfaced recently after Hong Kong broadcaster TVB was reportedly planning for a movie remake of the popular television series The Greed of Man, which the two actors starred in 1992.

Both actors were said to have harboured ill feelings for each other when Adam first made a cameo in TVB drama Luk Siu-fung in 1977, in which Damian was the leading actor.

Recounting the days when Adam’s acting career began to take flight, an insider claimed, “Adam had very few bad takes. He could easily memorise and recite 10 pages of his script. However, he often becomes proud of his achievements, causing him to offend many people unconsciously.”

In 1992, Adam and Damian met on set again when they co-starred in The Greed of Man. Damian, who was originally casted for six episodes, had made a special request from the director to increase his screen time. However, Adam’s popularity continued to overshadow him as his role Ting Hai was well received by the audience.

Damian reportedly felt sour about his co-star stealing his thunder, causing him to turn down projects that had Adam casted in it.

Recently, Adam was asked if he would be open to the idea of filming a movie remake of the show with Damian. However, the 68-year-old immediately rejected the suggestion and even claimed that he wishes to “give Damian a punch”.

On the other hand, Damian also expressed that he has no wishes to join in the movie remake. “(I) don’t even know if (the movie remake) would really happen. (But if it does), I would consider if there is a good role.” 

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