Adam Cheng’s daughter’s wild child emerges again

Winnie Cheng is known to have a habit of having a little too much fun

Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng’s daughter, Winnie Cheng, had a little too much fun on Boxing Day.

The eldest daughter of Adam and Koon Jing-wah, Winnie has been known to have a wild child streak that is said to have worried her dad since her teenage days. Back in 2007, the then-17-year-old Winnie was spotted voraciously kissing two different men after having her Christmas dinner with the family, angering her father who subsequently sent her to England to further her studies.

Her habits seem to have not died down since then, with the 24-year-old spotted meeting with a white-shirted male in front of a hotel and having numerous rounds of drinks before cozying up on the dance floor. The two are said to have danced suggestively together before she received a phone call and hurried off to Carnegie’s, a local bar and restaurant.

There, she met up with a green-shirted male whom she greeted with kisses and hugs. The two are said to have been in their own world where they dropped their identification cards without knowing while they were having fun. They eventually parted ways after exhausting their energies.

Adam has responded to the reports, declaring, “I don’t check (on her) every day and it’s a female’s world. It’s  not up to you to feel nervous (for me) and there’s freedom of love.”

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