Alice Tseng throws belated wedding dinner

The actress’ four-month-old daughter made her first public appearance at the banquet

Taiwanese artiste Alice Tseng and husband Joseph Chen held their wedding dinner at Songshan Cultural Park Hotel in Taipei on Saturday. The couple, who registered their marriage after Alice got pregnant last year, was joined by their four-month-old daughter Janice at the banquet.

The “Alice in Wonderland” theme of the wedding is said to be entirely designed by Alice. Showing off her slender figure in a white wedding dress,  the 30-year-old was accompanied by popular host Kevin Tsai, instead of her husband, at the press conference.

“My hubby is busy looking after our daughter,” Alice explained, while Kevin also mentioned that Joseph is a low-key person who “prefers buying beautiful clothes to posing for photos”.

Also, Kevin let on that he was the one who introduced Joseph, owner of an art gallery, to Alice as she is a fan of art exhibitions. “I was shocked when I heard that they were getting married,” he confessed. “I didn’t expect the impatient Joseph, who is afraid of settling down, to be tamed by Alice, but he did commented that Alice would make a very good wife.”

At the same time, Alice shared about Joseph’s proposal: “I was lying on the sofa and he asked if I want to marry him.”

Although the actress has placed family on her priority list after tying the knot, she will not be giving up her showbiz career. 

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