Alyssa Chia, Xiu Jie Kai celebrate newborn’s second month

Actress snaps photo with ex-boyfriend Ou Han Sheng and his pregnant wife

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Taiwanese actors Alyssa Chia and Xiu Jie Kai celebrated the second month of their newborn daughter, nicknamed “Bu Bu,” with more than 200 celebrity friends, including actors James Wen, Beatrice Fang, Gao Yuanyuan and pop singer Xie Kun Da.

Even Taiwanese actor and host Ou Han Sheng (aka Ou Di or Eddy Ou), Alyssa’s ex-boyfriend, showed up with his wife, who’s 7 months pregnant. The former lovers and their respective spouses snapped a photo together at the party.

Alyssa and Han Sheng became close after co-hosting the same programme, but even after their relationship ended and they went on to start their own families, the two remained on good terms — Alyssa even congratulated Han Sheng online when she heard he was going to be a father, and wrote, “If you run into any problems, let me know anytime!”

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Alyssa and Jie Kai had some heartfelt words for each other at the party. “I never imagined I’d have my own family,” Jie Kai said to Alyssa, choking back tears. “I’m so happy, and thanks to Alyssa for making me a braver person and for giving me such an adorable daughter.”

Alyssa thanked her husband for being a part of her life and her older daughter, 10-year-old Angelina, for helping to look after “Bu Bu.” Alyssa added, “We’re truly fortunate, and I hope the future will be even better,” before she and Jie Kai started tearing.

Jie Kai’s manager said the couple had been so busy planning the second-month celebration that they couldn’t find the time to work out their wedding details.

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