Amber Kuo attends Liang He Qun’s wedding as maid of honour

Amber Kuo attends the wedding of Liang He Qun as maid of honour, without knowing the bride

After ending her three-year relationship with Taiwanese film star Tony Yang, Amber Kuo made her first public appearance yesterday (March 22), having specially flown back to Taiwan from abroad to be a bridesmaid for Taiwanese actor Liang He Qun (also known as Vincent).

Amber was reported to have no direct relation to the bride, but agreed to attend the wedding as the groom insisted on having the popular celebrity be the maid of honour.

At the event, Amber looked beautiful in a short pink dress that showed off her slender limbs. Although she was smiling, she appeared heavy-hearted and visibly affected by her breakup with Tony, and she was also seen tearing when the couple exchanged oaths.

The actress only loosened up after watching the adorable little flower girl’s messy performance that made her laugh uncontrollably.

According to Taiwan media reports, Amber did not do any interviews at the wedding and left after a minute-long appearance.

Explaining for her hasty exit, He Qun, who was grateful that she took time off to attend his wedding, said that he did not wish for her to be interviewed during this difficult period. He also shared that they became friends after playing brother sister in TV drama Woody Sambo

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