Andy Lau pleads with Hong Kong police to protect citizens

Andy Lau pleads with Hong Kong police to protect citizens


Hong Kong heavenly king Andy Lau has spoken out against the violence that broke out between protesters and the anti-Occupy Central camp on Oct 3, in a statement released on his official website. With the subject titled “Peace be with Hong Kong”, he wrote: “No tear gas, no weapon, no abuse.”

According to Hong Kong media, fights erupted between the two camps in Mongkok last Friday, leaving some student protesters bloodied and bruised. It is also reported that the police who were at the scene did not attempt to stop the violence.

Touted as the “civilian Chief Executive”, Andy later posted another message on Facebook, urging the police to “do their best to protect the people who have something to say” and to maintain the peace in Hong Kong.

“The thing that I’ve feared has happened. The conflict among the common people has escalated. This is something that no one who loves Hong Kong would want to witness,” he commented. “Students and protestors, you have to learn to protect yourselves. I plead with law enforcers and the police to protect these people to the best of their ability, and to ensure the safety of the general public.” 

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