Andy On seeing model Jessica Cambensy

The two have been spotted spending time at each other’s apartments

Following his split from Hong Kong model Jennifer Tse last year, Chinese-American actor Andy On is now seeing another model, American-born Jessica Cambensy (better known as Jessica C).

The two, who collaborated in Taiwanese movie Zombie Fight Club this year, have been surrounded by dating rumours since May. Although they denied related speculations previously, Jessica was seen recently spending the night at Andy’s place after they caught a movie with actor Philip Ng.

They then had lunch together the next day before spending more time together at Jessica’s apartment.

On Sunday (Nov 16), Jessica, who was said to be the active party in this relationship, admitted to dating Andy. “My [American] ex-boyfriend [Mr. Bond] and I were in a long-distance relationship and it was complicated, I did not contact him when I went to the States.”

As to staying overnight at Andy’s apartment, the 26-year-old expressed openly, “Since we were photographed, I do not mind going public about it. But I will not talk about it intentionally as if it is a publicity stunt.”

The couple met about five years ago when Jessica first came to Hong Kong to further her career, but both were attached to other people at the time. She added, “We started out as friends and went a step further after knowing each other better, so we’re not taking things lightly.”

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