Angelababy & Huang Xiaoming rumoured to wed in May

The couple are also said to be having a honeymoon in the USA

Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming could see their happily ever after with reports that the lovebirds are intending to tie the knot in May.

The two have publicly showed their affection for each other on numerous occasions, with the Chinese actor throwing a romantic birthday party for his girlfriend earlier this month. He also reportedly pledged to wed Angelababy this year while promoting his movie Women Who Flirt.

Their frequent loving exchanges on their respective social media accounts have seen their fans strongly supporting the couple’s relationship and encouraging them to get married.

They were therefore disappointed when there was no news of a proposal during the lavish 26th birthday party he organised for her despite his busy schedule.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the two in a San Francisco airport yesterday, triggering speculation that the two are on their honeymoon in the USA ahead of their big day.

Huang Xiaoming is reportedly busy filming for the upcoming Chinese film, My Sunshine.

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