Angelica Lee and Oxide Pang’s public display of affection

It appears that the couple has truly walked out of Oxide’s cheating scandal

In May, Malaysian actress Angelica Lee decided to forgive her husband Hong Kong director Oxide Pang, after he was caught red-handed for cheating on her with model Liddy Li. Months following the scandal, the couple was spotted in public together on several occasions.

On Saturday, Angelica and her stepdaughter Xin Xin (Oxide’s child from his previous marriage) attended Malaysian singer Penny Tai’s wedding in Taipei. The 12-year-old had reportedly rallied behind Angelica when Oxide’s affair was exposed, which played a part in salvaging the couple’s four-year marriage.

According to Angelica, Oxide could not make it for Penny’s wedding due to work. “Filming will wrap on Dec 29. Then we’ll go back to Malaysia to welcome the New Year,” she said.
When asked on baby-making plans, the 38-year-old actress calmly replied: “Let nature take its course. Regardless we have children or not, we must live happily.”

After the wedding, Angelica and Xin Xin met up with Oxide for a seafood feast at the roadside stall. In the company of their friends, the family of three was seen enjoying their meal and even took photos as a memento.

As it started to pour, Oxide returned to the hotel to get an umbrella which he used to shelter his wife while they walked on the streets cuddling each other. 

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