Angelica Lee spotted without wedding ring

The actress, who is married to Oxide Pang, was also spotted with another man

Malaysian actress Angelica Lee declared last month that she is ready to spend her life with husband Oxide Pang after the two’s relationship was thrust in the spotlight.

Oxide was revealed in May to have cheated on his wife with model Liddy Li but Angelica assured that she had forgiven him and shared that the pair was spending more time together to rebuild the relationship.

Recent reports, however, suggest that the tables might have turned as Angelica was spotted at a press event last Friday for television series The Election sans her wedding ring.

The 38-year-old reportedly tried to hide her hands once the media discovered the missing band and gave ambiguous responses to questions posed by reporters. When questioned if she will be spending more time with her husband in Hong Kong, she smilingly replied that she is based in her native Malaysia but will not hesitate to fly to Hong Kong for work.

With regards to Oxide’s affair, she maintained that she has “let go of it; whatever it was in the past has to eventually move forward”.

Prior to the press event, Angelica was spotted with an unnamed middle-aged male at Causeway Bay while Oxide was out of the country. Along with a female assistant, the two spent hours shopping before stopping for a meal along Cleveland Street.

Angelica smilingly enveloped the man in a hug before boarding a company car after the meal. It is understood that Oxide intended for his wife to accompany him for his business trip but the actress was too wrapped up with The Election to tag along.

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