Annie Yi criticised for her second marriage

Netizens blame the Taiwanese singer for being selfish and insensitive towards her only son in her decision to marry again 

Annie Yi criticised for her second marriage
Taiwanese singer Annie Yi had put up with criticisms of her second marriage with Chinese actor Qin Hao when she announced the decision last November. But she lost her temper earlier this week when she was branded a selfish and shameful mother for her decision to remarry.

The 46-year-old tied the knot to her 36-year-old boyfriend Qin Hao at Phuket last Saturday and subsequently uploaded her wedding photos on her Weibo to share her joy.

However, some netizens criticised her of being an insensitive mother to her teenage son Harrison Yu from her first marriage with Taiwanese singer and host Harlem Yu.

A netizen even called her a “shameful” mother as she had first cheated on Harlem, initiated a divorce with him and held an ostentatious wedding ceremony for her second marriage.

However, Annie defended herself with a furious reply. “I have never kept my little prince (Harrison) in secret. He has been by my side all along and he knows very well how I fare as his mother. Apart from my son, not any outsiders have the right to speak on his behalf. Time would prove everything,” she wrote.

Though the first few lines of Annie’s reply seemed rash, she balanced the situation and won the praises of other netizens when she added in her post, “You need to focus on what you have and not what you have lost.”

They praised her for being a magnanimous and wise woman, while others also encouraged her by commenting, “Don’t bother about those remarks. You can never stop them from commenting, so just turn a blind eye and get along with your own matters. We wish you well!” 

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