Annie Yi flaunts her good figure in her wedding gown

The 46-year-old is not bothered by malicious comments about her remarriage

Annie Yi flaunts her good figure in her wedding gown
Taiwanese singer Annie Yi recently shared her joy of donning her wedding gown in preparation of her second marriage to Chinese actor Qin Hao.

The 46-year-old received praise from netizens on her slender figure after she posted a photo of her back view on her Weibo on Friday night (Mar 6). In the photo, Annie’s hair is tied up in a ponytail and she is wearing a white wedding gown with a tight bodice and a long train of white mesh.

Annie was also overjoyed as she did not have the opportunity to wear a wedding gown when she had her wedding with former husband, Taiwanese singer and host Harlem Yu.

“I have never worn a wedding gown and did not have a wedding banquet before. It is also the first time my family and friends will be witnessing my wedding and giving me their blessings. As I thought I would never have this opportunity in my lifetime, I am really very grateful,” Annie shared touchingly.

“Thank you for caring about me and even mocking me. I pray that everyone would feel blessed, as we can only bless others when we feel that way. I also hope that those who have found love for the second time can be a testimony that it is all right to love again. Whether you hate me or love me, I wish that you will have peace and joy,” she wrote candidly.

However, Annie was not spared from malicious comments on her remarriage and a ‘timely reminder’ of her former husband and their son Harrison Yu by several netizens.

This infuriated Annie’s fans and led to an argument between both parties online before Annie stepped out to end the fight when she posted on her Weibo, “There isn’t a need for arguments as I am feeling so blessed now that I can even comfortably embrace all the harsh comments.”

Annie Yi flaunts her good figure in her wedding gown

At the same time, Annie also shared a lovely handwritten card that her son Harrison had gifted her.

Harrison left a sweet message for his mother that read, “Even though you are exceedingly mature now, you always seem to become child-like when you don’t have someone to rely on. Don’t worry mum, you will never turn old.”

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