Annie Yi spends time with son from first marriage

The Taiwanese singer takes time off while preparing for her wedding next month

Annie Yi spends time with son from first marriage
Taiwanese singer Annie Yi met up with her first child, Harrison Yu, who was conceived during her marriage with Harlem Yu, despite being busy with her wedding preparations. The 45-year-old was spotted spending quality time with Harrison when they were seen watching a late night movie together on Tuesday.

Annie shed her image of a celebrity and displayed her love for Harrison – holding on to their drinks and the pack of popcorn he was munching on and wiping off crumbs on his lips.

Annie Yi spends time with son from first marriage
It is said that Annie currently has her hands full with her upcoming marriage to Qin Hao, her 35-year-old beau, and the release of her first silver screen project as a director and producer.

Her manager also confirmed that the couple will hold a total of four wedding ceremonies. In early March, they would hold a private ceremony overseas with close to 60 friends and family members as witnesses. Then, they would return to Beijing, Shenyang and Taipei to celebrate their marriage through simple gatherings over meals.

During her recent outing with Harrison, Annie was spotted with a rounder face and fuller figure than before, fuelling pregnancy speculations. Annie’s manager admitted that Annie has gained weight to improve her health condition for pregnancy. Though she wishes to try for a baby girl with Qin Hao, her manager clarifies that she is not pregnant at the moment.

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