Anthony Neely forced to reveal marriage?

The singer was said to reveal his marriage and daughter by his wife and in-laws

Anthony Neely forced to reveal marriage?

Following the shocking revelation on Sunday night that Taiwanese singer Anthony Neely made about his secret four-marriage and three-year-old daughter, insiders revealed he was forced to do so by his wife, a nurse named Vivi, and his in-laws.

Anthony, who shot to fame through Taiwanese singing competition One Million Star in 2009, was rumoured years ago to have wedded Vivi in the States but he denied, saying it was “too absurd”. Last year, he revealed to be dating Vivi for four years and declared he was seeing her with marriage in mind, but refused to admit that he had already done so.

Vivi could not tolerate that Anthony has to keep his distance from her whenever they went out, and that their daughter has to be taken care of by her family members when he was at work. She had reportedly wanted him to account for her and their child.

Anthony Neely forced to reveal marriage?

After the video confession was uploaded, some netizens blamed the 28-year-old for keeping his marital status under wraps for so long, while others lauded him for his bravery. Anthony’s mother was happy for her son and commented: “He finally made it through the four-year turmoil.”

Although he is of American-Taiwanese mixed blood, crew members shared that he was a conservative man and doubt the confession was a promotional gimmick. Anthony’s manager revealed the first-time father chose to reveal the matter as his daughter was growing up and hiding his marriage will be unhealthy for her.

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