Ariel Lin says she secured her husband through seduction

Actress not bothered by her intimate scenes in the movie Another Woman

Ariel Lin 1

Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin, 33, said she isn’t bothered by the steamy scenes she shared with co-star Jolin Chien on the movie Another Woman, and added, “Only my back was shown, so to me that’s acceptable.”

According to Taiwanese media, the actress also said she’s skilled at seduction, saying, “For men and women, seduction skills can be switched on like a power switch. When you meet someone you like, it’s on, and when it’s someone you dislike, it shuts off.”

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Ariel added that she secured her husband, Charles Lin, through seduction, explaining that she was attracted to his musky scent when they first met, and afterwards she took care to use certain fragrances and emphasise the personality traits she knew he liked.

After marrying in 2014, the couple spent a good deal of time living apart due to their work commitments, but the actress said that trust was key. Though her husband will get jealous once in a while and ask, “Why is it that all your co-stars are good-looking men?” Ariel said she will never betray her spouse.

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