Ariel Lin ties the knot

The 32-year-old got married to boyfriend Charles Lin on Christmas Eve

Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin had plenty to smile about during the festive season. She announced her engagement with longtime boyfriend Charles Lin back in October and confirmed her big day to fall on Christmas Eve.

Known for their preference to keep a low profile, Ariel and Charles hired a team of security to shield them from the media eye on their big day. There were four green-clad security personnel on the ground when Charles arrived at the Taipei Ambassador Hotel slightly before 9am.

By the time they left for Charles’s home about an hour later, however, the security more than doubled in size, with ten staff on the ground to guide the bride and groom. Ariel was said to have wanted to avoid being photographed, causing the situation outside the hotel to turn chaotic as the media scrambled to get photos of the couple.

Firecrackers were set off at Charles’s Ba De Road apartment, located in one of Taipei’s affluent districts. The couple arrived in a sleek white limousine and was again shielded by their security team.

Ariel donned a simple white gown and veil and held a modest bouquet for her big day. She was seen keeping a tight hold on her husband’s arm for the entire day, shyly keeping her head down while maintaining a blissful smile.

They returned to the hotel slightly before noon and were greeted by a barrage of flashes as the media tried to get photos of the pair. Neither bride nor groom gave any comments to reporters.

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