Barbie Hsu hints at comeback

The mother of one hints at a showbiz comeback but states it will only happen after she loses five more kilograms


Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, who put her career on hold in 2011 for baby-making plans, hinted at the possibility of a showbiz comeback on Facebook.

The 38-year-old successfully delivered her daughter Wang Xiyue six months ago in April this year but has yet to shed her pregnancy weight. Barbie then posted on Facebook: “I had the courage to give birth, but I really did not expect that I could not slim down.”

While fans left encouraging comments such as “There is nothing you cannot do!” and labeled her as a “female goddess”, others asked when she will return to acting.

Barbie then replied: “After I lose five more kilograms!” seemingly hinting at a possible comeback.


The first-time mother has been posting photos of her baby girl on social media platforms, sharing her joys of motherhood with captions such as: “This baby is my darling, I am her slave. Her smile keeps me going till the end of time.”

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