Barbie Hsu plans to resume acting career

The Taiwanese actress denies that her return to work is a result of her mother-in-law’s financial difficulties

Barbie Hsu plans to resume acting career
Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu promised to resume her acting career once she recovers to her pre-pregnancy figure.

The 38-year-old had given birth to her first daughter with Chinese tycoon husband Wang Xiaofei last April and has since gone on a hiatus to recover from her pregnancy and tend to her child.

Having rested for close to a year since her delivery, Barbie’s manager revealed that she is set to return to the entertainment industry through the release of a book to share on her experiences on parenting.

At the opening of a fashion boutique last Friday (Mar 27), Barbie also shared that she is also keeping her options open for opportunities to act and would not mind even if she was not casted as the female lead.

However, as her daughter is her top priority in life, Barbie is now more selective of her casting offers and would not compromise her responsibilities as a mother.

Barbie Hsu plans to resume acting career

As the announcement of her return to the entertainment industry came shortly after news broke that her mother-in-law Zhang Lan had met with some financial difficulties, reporters questioned if Barbie made her decision to help her husband’s family tide through the crisis.

However, the 38-year-old declined to comment and evaded questions regarding the topic of her mother-in-law’s frozen assets as she is in the midst the process of a lawsuit with an investment company over her renowned restaurant group Southern Beauty.

Instead, Barbie briefly stated that she would “face the difficulties” with her mother-in-law and would even support her financially if she chooses to retire.

Barbie’s mother also dispelled the rumours when she stated in an interview, “(Barbie’s) mother-in-law does not even need any (financial) help. Barbie is only saying that because she is filial towards her. She is simply resuming her career because everyone loves her (as a celebrity). There are no other reasons.”

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