Barbie Hsu’s daughter smiles just like her

A recent photo of the tiny tot smiling revealed that she takes after her mom’s smile

Barbie Hsu’s daughter smiles just like her

Taiwanese actress-singer Barbie Hsu gave birth to daughter Wang Xiyue this May and has subsequently been sharing numerous photos of her bundle of joy on her social networking account.

Veteran actor Zhao Shun, who played Barbie’s father in 2010 drama Summer’s Desire, was revealed to have passed away recently and the entertainer took to her Facebook to express her condolences. She shared, “Go well brother Shun, Xia Mo’s (her character in Summer’s Desire) father. (I’ll) miss you always!”

Meanwhile, Taiwanese host Kevin Tsai’s manager uploaded a picture of her with Xiyue captioned with her thoughts. She mused, “(This) beautiful doll and her beautiful mother will keep you in their hearts and never forget (you).” She also mentioned Barbie in her post, affirming that the child she was carrying was indeed Xiyue.

Xiyue can be seen donning a pink frock in the photo but what caught netizen’s attention was her crooked smile. While they expressed that she looks like her father, Wang Xiaofei, they added that a hint of Barbie can still be spotted, especially in her smile.

With such a rare photo of Xiyue looking directly at the camera, comments such as “We finally get to see our little goddess.  (You’re) so cute that I’m about to cry” and “Is this our little Xiyue, baby we really miss you” were made on the post.

Barbie Hsu’s daughter smiles just like her

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