Benny Chan welcomes 3kg baby girl

The Hong Kong actor had a new addition to his family last Friday 

Hong Kong actor Benny Chan welcomed a new member in his family after his wife Lisa Jiang gave birth to their third child, Isabella Chan, via caesarean at St. Paul's Hospital last Friday (Dec 12).

On Friday afternoon, Lisa posted a photo before entering the operating theatre, which showed her looking radiant. Sources also revealed that Benny stayed beside by his wife to hold her hand throughout the process.

While speaking to reporters, Benny shared that his baby girl is very active and that Lisa is in good condition, even using her mobile phone to report the good news to her family and friends, shortly after the procedure.

“The three girls at home are Sagittarians, while my son and I are Librans. The two of us will be in the women’s clutches,” Benny laughed, adding that he will work even harder from now on, in order to let his family enjoy a good life.

Benny and Lisa tied the knot in July 2011, before having their first daughter Elizabeth in November and their son Cyrus in September 2013. 

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