Blackie Chen and Christine Fan’s twins turn one-month-old

The celebrity couple shared sweet photos of their family of four online

Taiwanese celebrity couple Blackie Chen and Christine Fan shared new photos of their sweet family of four last Sunday (Feb 15), the day when their twins River Chen Rui Fei and Ryan Chen Rui Xiang turned one-month-old.

Dubbed by netizens as a ‘fanatic father’ of his twins, the public watched the growth of Blackie’s ‘Big and Small Panda’ through his frequent updates online with their latest photos and videos.

Last Sunday, Blackie kept to his usual habit and uploaded a sweet family photo on his Weibo, in which he and his wife Christine were seen beaming with joy while leaning forward to kiss River and Ryan, who were soundly asleep.

Blackie also attached a touching photo caption that read, “The past month has made my life more fulfilling. Thank you God for blessing Christine and me with these darlings and thank you everyone who gave us your blessings.”

Soon after, Christine also updated her Facebook with a photo of Blackie resting the twin boys on his muscular arms. She wrote in her post, “Happy one month old my dearest babies~ Thank you Heavenly Father that our ‘Big and Small Panda’ are one-month-old today! May God continue to watch over our family.”

As the new parents have recently come under fire for Christine’s wrong breastfeeding posture in one of the videos that Blackie had posted, they have added a disclaimer under their new photos, stating, “These photos were taken by professionals and safety precautions were observed. Please do not imitate these poses.”

However, netizens could not resist commenting on the dangerous poses in the photos. They have also warned Blackie and Christine to be watchful of their twins’ safety.

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