Blackie Chen and Christine Fan’s home undergoes makeover for their twins

The celebrity couple had forgo some of their personal space to make room for their newly-born twins

Blackie Chen and Christine Fan’s home undergoes makeover for their twins
Celebrity couple Blackie Chen and Christine Fan renovated their home to make way for their newborn twins Big and Small Panda.

The couple had welcomed their twin boys Chen Rui Fei (the older twin) and Chen Rui Xiang (the younger twin) on Jan 15. Christine and the twins are still hospitalised and under observation as the boys were born a month before their expected delivery date.

Blackie and Christine have been actively sharing photos of their twins to document their growth daily and Christine also shared a photo of their home undergoing renovation yesterday (Jan 27).

She revealed in her photo caption that the couple is currently in the midst of refurbishing their home to include a baby room.

Christine expressed her reluctance to part with her personal space, bidding goodbye to her favourite study room, which would be joined with their guest room to form the twins’ bedroom.

“Goodbye my little library; goodbye my work area; goodbye my dressing table; goodbye my piano room,” the new mother whined while coming to terms with a change in her life.
Some netizens replied Christine’s post in good humour, saying, “Don’t forget to include ‘goodbye to my old (carefree) self’ as well.”

Other netizens were also worried about the baby’s health if they were to shift in to the new room immediately. “The twins should not move into the new room immediately as there would be harmful gases (from the paint) that is bad for their health,” one concerned fan wrote.

However, Christine also assured her fans in her reply that said, “Don’t worry, we will not move into the house immediately after renovations are completed.”

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