Blackie Chen celebrates his twins’ two-month anniversary

Blackie Chen’s twin boys, River Chen Rui Fei and Ryan Chen Rui Xiang, turned two months old yesterday

Ever since they became parents, Taiwanese celebrity couple, Blackie Chen and Christine Fan have taken to Facebook and Weibo to post about their twin baby boys ‘Big and Small Panda’ every day. Taking selfies as a family has basically become their daily routine.

In a Weibo post to celebrate his sons’ two-month milestone, Blackie uploaded a photo that showed the adorable twins, River Chen Rui Fei and Ryan Chen Rui Xiang sleeping peacefully on his chest.

He wrote: “I really love the feeling of holding them until they sleep. Wow, it’s already been two months! Thank you God for blessing and protecting us.”

Some netizens commented that Blackie bears resemblance to Hong Kong actor Wallace Chung in the photo due to his weight loss and the way his bangs fell over his face.

Meanwhile, Christine also expressed her joy via Weibo, “Happy two months! Also, I’m happy to celebrate a new breast milk breakthrough! (laugh)”, the singer said.

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