Blackie Chen reveals ultrasound images of twins

Christine Fan and Blackie Chen, married for three years, are currently expecting twins

Christine Fan and Blackie Chen

After announcing this August that they are expecting twins, Taiwanese celebrity couple Blackie Chen and Christine Fan have been posting photos of the latter’s baby bump to share their joy and anticipation with fans.

On Monday, Blackie uploaded a video which he made to commemorate the 14-year journey that he and his wife embarked on, from the days where they dated till now. In the minute-long clip on Facebook, Christine was seen undergoing an ultrasound and the ultrasound images of the twins were revealed for the first time.

Ultrasound images of the twins

As the 38-year-old, who is six months pregnant now, has a much bigger baby bump because she is expecting twins, she had to remove her undergarments during her ultrasound scan. Blackie, who was filming the process, realised it in time and quickly panned upwards to prevent exposing his wife. His sudden move invited cheeky comments from netizens who said: “Fortunately, she only showed a bit of her ‘V-line’”.

The father-to-be expressed his gratefulness the clip for the twins that they have been blessed with, calling them “more than what we had hoped for.” Fans were equally touched by his gesture and wished the couple happiness.

Christine Chen undergoing an ultrasound scan

Christine Fan gives off motherly aura
Christine Fan will not reveal gender of twins

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