Blue Lan and wife expecting first baby

The celebrity couple cried when they did the first ultrasound scan

Blue Lan and wife expecting first baby
Taiwanese actor Blue Lan has officially confirmed that he and his wife, Jade Chou, are expecting their first child.

The actor’s manager confirmed yesterday that Jade is currently into her third month of pregnancy and has gone on a hiatus to focus on her pregnancy. The couple only broke the news yesterday as they followed the custom of announcing her pregnancy after the first trimester, where the mother and baby are believed to be in a stable condition.

Witnesses spotted the celebrity couple, who tied the knot last May, visiting the gynaecology clinic on Jan 10. Speculations of Jade’s pregnancy immediately surrounded the couple as she was also seen wearing loose-fitting clothes, seemingly hiding her baby bump.

Blue Lan and wife expecting first baby
Blue’s manager also revealed that the couple was moved to tears when they saw images of their child for the first time during Jade’s ultrasound scan session.

The excited couple has also given their 3-month-old baby, a nickname ‘Little Basketball’, as the couple’s common hobby was basketball when they were dating. The nickname is also wordplay of Blue’s surname, which is a syllable in the Chinese word for basketball.

While ‘Little Basketball’s gender is still unknown, the first-time parents said they are already ready to accept requests for baby product endorsements.

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