Blue Lan denies writing break-up letter to Barbie Hsu

The actor’s “break-up letter” to ex-girlfriend Barbie Hsu was revealed recently

Blue Lan and Jade Chou

A break-up letter, reportedly written by Taiwanese actor Blue Lan to ex-girlfriend Barbie Hsu, surfaced last Thursday (Dec 4) in which he had mentioned her bad habits like how she would take hours to doll herself up before their dates and even forced him to marry her.

But the actor, who tied the knot with his actress girlfriend Jade Chou in May, denied penning the letter at an event on Tuesday (Dec 9).

“I think it’s quite funny, of course it’s not real, [the letter] can even be made into a film,” he laughed.

Jade fully supported her hubby and expressed through her manager that she did not mind the incident, adding wittily that she has never seen such excellent writing flair by Blue.

Barbie, who is also happily married with a six-month old daughter Wang Xiyue, similarly called the letter a fake.

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