Cecilia Cheung frustrated that sons are photographed

The Hong Kong actress’s sons have become the target of media attention now

张柏芝无奈儿子遭跟拍 被爆新欢是陈冠希牵线1

For her sons, Lucas and Quintus Tse (aged 7 and 4 years old respectively) to grow up in a conducive environment, Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung decided to move to Singapore after her divorce with actor-singer Nicholas Tse in 2011.

Nonetheless, her sons have recently fallen victim to the never-ending pursuit of paparazzi, some of whom specially flew to Singapore; there are even journalists who went to Quintus’s kindergarten school to photograph him and his mother.

Responding to this matter, Cecilia said in a radio interview, “How is different from abduction? If you have any issues just come at me, leave my boys alone.”

The 34-year-old, who wanted to escape from the paparazzi in Hong Kong, is frustrated that a similar situation is happening to her in Singapore. She added, “I just want them to lead normal lives and go to school (like other children).”

张柏芝无奈儿子遭跟拍 被爆新欢是陈冠希牵线2

In addition, Cecilia was spotted days ago dining with a Singaporean named Earn Chen, previously identified as Martin, is a restaurateur and the boss of local eatery Potato Head Folk. Earn is believed to be a friend of Hong Kong celebrity Edison Chen and Cecilia was said to be in contact with Edison ever since she moved to Singapore.

Cecilia and Earn have reportedly went shopping together in Japan earlier before they were photographed and she often brought her sons out with him as well, seemingly with the intention to nurture a “father and son” relationship.

But the actress’s manager refuted these rumours on Weibo on Sunday (Oct 19): “This is crazy. Oriental Sunday, another lousy magazine under Emperor Entertainment Group, please stop attacking Cecilia. She did not even contact Edison. The texts and meals are made up by you all.”

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