Cecilia Cheung rumoured to be dating Singaporean restaurant owner

The Hong Kong celebrity and her two kids were seen enjoying a meal with her new rumoured beau 

张柏芝偕子与新欢用餐 戴情侣手环放闪 1.jpg

Following speculations about her relationship with Chinese novelist Zhang Yiyi, Hong Kong celebrity Cecilia Cheung and her two children, Lucas and Quintus Tse, were recently spotted dining with her new rumoured Singaporean beau named Martin.

Sources revealed that the two are church friends who became close after Cecilia’s frequent visits to Martin’s restaurant. It is also said that Martin started wooing Cecilia six months ago, but the actress rejected his advances as she still bore hopes of a reunion with her ex-husband Nicholas Tse.

However, Cecilia finally decided to start a new relationship after Nicholas was exposed to have gotten back together with Faye Wong in September.

During their date, Cecilia and Martin appeared to be wearing couple bracelets, a sign of their blossoming romance. Although Lucas was seated beside Martin, the seven-year-old had his back face the latter the entire time, seemingly unable to accept his “stepdad” yet.

张柏芝偕子与新欢用餐 戴情侣手环放闪 2.jpg

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