Cecilia Cheung spotted with new rumoured lover

Cecilia Cheung’s new rumoured beau is Chinese showbiz magnate Sun Dong Hai

Following rumours of her new romances, Hong Kong celebrity Cecilia Cheung was recently spotted attending a banquet in Singapore with her new rumoured lover Chinese showbiz magnate Sun Dong Hai.

The two was also reportedly shared a quick hug before going separate ways that night.
Cecilia was seen entering a luxurious villa in Beijing several times last month. According to Hong Kong media, the actress is unlikely to be able to afford the property given her current income. The house is thus believed a meeting place for Cecilia and Dong Hai.

Sources also claimed that the two are currently in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. To facilitate Cecilia’s “frequent flyer” lifestyle, Dong Hai has allegedly bought an apartment near the airport to show his sincerity.

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