Celebrity friends of Yuen Biao gather at his daughter’s wedding

The hardy martial arts movie star cried happily on his daughter’s wedding night

Hong Kong veteran action star Yuen Biao’s long-time celebrity friends graced his daughter’s wedding to congratulate the newlyweds. Hong Kong actors Yuen Wah and Ron Ng, singer Kenny Bee and martial arts legend Sammo Hung and his family were some of the invited celebrity guests present.

The loving father could not bear to part with his daughter when the groom asked for hand during the ceremony. Known for his chivalrous and tough image in his action films, Biao revealed his softer side when he wept after giving his daughter a sweet kiss.

Hong Kong singing legend Jacky Cheung was also present to give his blessings to the newlyweds. He shared his thoughts on the art of marriage, advising the couple to learn to compromise with each other.

Biao’s good buddy Jackie Chan also rushed to the venue after a promotional event for his new film, waving pleasantly to the media when he arrived. However, when asked why he was not present at his son Jaycee Chan’s public hearing on Jan 9, the actor replied nonchalantly that he did not want to talk about it.

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