Christine Fan reveals Blackie Chen’s special parenting style

The mother-of-two laments over her husband’s gaming habits

Taiwanese singer Christine Fan recently revealed some photos of her husband, Taiwanese television host Blackie Chen, looking after their one-month-old twin boys.

While Blackie had promised to do a good job at tending to his children, Christine took to her Facebook to lament that her husband was spending more time on gaming than looking after his children. Yesterday, the mother-of-two specially uploaded a photo to expose Blackie’s ‘usual routine’.

In the photo, Blackie, dressed in sleepwear, laid in bed casually with a leg raised against a wall and his phone on his thigh. While one of their baby boys was tucked close to him and soundly asleep, Blackie held a game controller and focused fully on what was ahead of him.

Netizens praised Christine for her patience and love as a mother, jokingly claiming that she is actually a ‘mother-of-three’ (including Blackie as a child).

Some netizens also teased Blackie of being a ‘professional babysitter’ for being able to multitask between gaming and parenting. Others, on the other hand, playfully asked if Blackie was ‘pregnant’ as his relaxed sitting posture had revealed his bulging stomach under his T-shirt.

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