Christine Kuo goes on liquid diet to lose weight

The Hong Kong actress weighs 77kg at the moment 

Christine Kuo goes on liquid diet to lose weight
Hong Kong actress Christine Kuo is currently on a liquid diet, where she consumes only water for a week, to shed pounds for a new role. The 31-year-old, who weighs 77kg at the moment, has been struggling with weight gain issues ever since she was labelled as the third party who came between Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung in 2013.

The high level of stress from the scandal reportedly caused Christine to suffer from thyroid disorder which led to her massive weight gain. Despite her various attempts to slim down, such as taking Muay Thai lessons and practising yoga, the 1.7-metre tall actress has failed to regain her slender figure.

As a result, Christine is said to have lost several commercial deals and roles. With decreased exposure and opportunities – the former beauty queen could only attend promotional and charity events – her income also dropped significantly.

“Everyone is concerned [about my health], not just myself. I took western medicine previously, but my whole body started swelling. So I try to use other methods [to lose weight] now,” the Tiger Cubs II star said.

When asked on the effects of her liquid diet, Christine claimed that she is “adapting well” and that she is in good spirits. 

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