Daniel Chan’s wife is two-months pregnant

The actor’s wife is expecting again, less than six months after giving birth to their first daughter

Daniel Chan’s wife is two-months pregnant
Less than six months after Hong Kong singer-actor Daniel Chan and his Taiwanese wife Wang Yu Xian welcomed their daughter Kathelyn Chan in July last year, the couple is expecting the birth of their second child in August. Daniel broke the good news of his wife’s two-month pregnancy at a fashion event yesterday.

Although Daniel was worried about making the announcement before the first trimester ended, he was “too happy” to keep the news under wraps. “We didn’t plan for this, but we are overjoyed! The baby will be a Virgo, just like me. I am quite superstitious, so I’m glad that people who belong to ‘goat’ and ‘rabbit’ (Daniel) zodiacs get along well,” he shared.

The 39-year-old, however, did not reveal the baby’s gender, and claimed that he would dote on the child regardless.  

Daniel Chan’s daughter, Kathelyn Chan
In addition, Daniel said that they tested four times before confirming that his wife was pregnant again. According to the actor, Yu Xian suffers from morning sickness, a condition that she had during her first pregnancy.

When asked if Daniel bought any gift for her as encouragement, Yu Xian sweetly smiled at her husband without replying. 

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