Daniel Wu and wife may plan for a baby in South Africa

The actor and model wife may take the opportunity while holidaying in South Africa to make their second baby

吴彦祖无惧伊波拉疫情 或与老婆南非造人 1

Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu and his American model wife Lisa Selesner (known as Lisa S.), currently residing in the States, travel to South Africa once every year.

The two, who chose to wed there in 2010 due to their love for the country, are not worried of the recent Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.

At an event held in Taipei yesterday, Lisa shared, “I know there are many cases in West Africa but South Africa is so far from there and does not seem affected for now. We will travel there early next year with our daughter Raven Wu.”

Adding that Daniel hopes for a son, the couple may even take baby-making plans there.

“I put on a lot of weight when I gave birth previously so I was not too eager to have another child. We’ll let nature take its course,” the 39-year-old said.

Lisa is currently busy completing her assignments so that she can take time off for the vacation. The first-time mother revealed she misses Raven the most when working overseas and often have video-call sessions or phone calls to reduce her longing.

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