Dave Wong denies making negative remarks about G.E.M. Tang

The Taiwanese singer’s company has released an official statement to refute the reports

G.E.M. Tang and Dave Wong
Taiwanese singer Dave Wong’s management company has released an official statement to refute reports which claimed that the 52-year-old made negative remarks about Hong Kong songbird G.E.M. Tang during an event in China.

According to media reports, Dave allegedly said that G.E.M., who shot to fame after taking part in Chinese music programme I Am A Singer 2, is “going down the wrong path” by excessively singing in high pitch.

Some netizens also claimed that Dave initially wanted G.E.M. to join his company, but he later decided that she should better protect her vocals.

“It would be best if she doesn’t go on singing programmes anymore. Who doesn’t sound good when they are young? I thought my voice was perfect too, when I was young,” he apparently commented. 

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