Dee Hsu reconciliates with Bowie Tsang

Dee Hsu and Bowie Tsang resolved their feud before the former’s epic reconciliation with Mickey Huang 

Dee Hsu reconciliates with Bowie Tsang
To the surprise of many, Taiwanese artiste Aya (Liu Hanya) posted a selfie of Dee Hsu, Bowie Tsang and herself on Weibo yesterday.

Dee and Bowie have been known to be on bad terms, ever since Mickey Huang reportedly dumped Dee for Bowie 15 years ago. On a recent episode of Here Comes Kangxi, former lover-turned-enemies Dee and Mickey resolved their feud onscreen.

After the show aired, many were curious if Dee had also reconciliated with Bowie, the alleged third party in the relationship. Netizens’ doubts were answered with Aya’s post, which showed Dee placing her hand on Bowie’s shoulders.

Aya also revealed that the duo made peace with each other even before Mickey appeared on Here Comes Kangxi.

She wrote: “The three of us cried that night. Looking back at the past, though we stood on different grounds back then, we experienced the same pain and grew up from the process. Outsiders cannot judge what is right or wrong in a relationship. We are thankful for and have come to accept that episode in our lives. We have also learned to see the good in each other.”

Subsequently, many fans expressed their happiness for Dee and Bowie and praised the two for being “wise”. “It’s been years. There’s nothing that cannot be forgiven. They are both great women,” a netizen commented. 

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