Dominique Tsai sings praises of boyfriend Sunny Wang

The couple does not plan to have a flash marriage and wish to take things in their stride

Dominique Tsai sings praises of boyfriend Sunny Wang
Taiwanese-Australian singer Dominique Tsai praised her actor boyfriend Sunny Wang for being ‘very man’ when he made public their relationship on Tuesday night (Mar 3).

Being termed by Sunny as his ‘dream girl’, Dominique shyly commented, “(I am) very shocked! (What he did is) very ‘man’! It is my first time being called someone’s ‘dream girl’ so I am really delighted.”

At a party hosted by luxury brand COACH in Taiwan yesterday, Sunny also said that he has received blessings from those around him after admitting to this relationship.

When asked about his recent trip with Dominique back to her hometown Sydney, the 32-year-old likened Sydney to be his ‘second home’ and said he felt very comfortable being there.

Dominique, on the other hand, admitted implicitly that Sunny has met her parents during the trip and they were ‘quite happy (to see him)’. It was not the first time Sunny has met them as the couple have known each other for eight years and even dated briefly in the past.

However, Sunny felt that Dominique and him have matured over the years and are currently getting along well as they have a similar background and share many common interests.

While the pair have to maintain a long-distance relationship as Sunny’s acting career is based mainly in Taiwan and China, Dominique feels at ease. “I enjoy his shows a lot so I am very supportive of (his career),” she said.

When asked about their marriage plans, Sunny stated firmly that his focus is on his career and he would not have a flash marriage. Dominique echoed his response by saying that she would take things one step at a time and let nature take its course.

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