Edison Chen spends 34th birthday in Tokyo

The Hong Kong celebrity went on a vacation with his family and girlfriend in Japan last week

传陈冠希日本注册结婚  婚后上海首露面1
Hong Kong celebrity Edison Chen brought his family and girlfriend Ann Hong to Tokyo to celebrate his 34th birthday last week. Edison also shared a photo on Instagram, which showed the couple displaying their affection in front of his family and friends.

Following the nude photo scandal in 2008, Edison faded out of showbiz and focused on expanding his fashion business. The 34-year-old then met Ann, who was a store assistant at his boutique in Taiwan.

传陈冠希日本注册结婚  婚后上海首露面3

After they started dating, the lovebirds were often photographed together and Ann is said to be treated very well by Edison’s family. The couple was even rumoured to have secretly registered their marriage during their recent Tokyo vacation.

Early this week, Edison and Ann were spotted openly strolling on the streets while linking arms in Shanghai. The former actor was also seen picking clothes for his girlfriend and helping to carry her shopping bag. Although Edison wanted to exit the shop after noticing the presence of reporters, he was influenced by Ann’s casualness about the situation and did not kick up a fuss.

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