Ella Chen snubbed for being unprofessional at Golden Horse Awards

The singer hosted the prestigious award ceremony for the first time but was crticised for being overly comical

Ella Chen

Taiwanese singer Ella Chen hosted the 51st Golden Horse Awards for the first time last Saturday (Nov 22) and specially put in effort to keep her body in shape for the opening musical performance. But she was snubbed by netizens for being too comical at the prestigious ceremony.

The 33-year-old, whose co-host was Huang Zijiao, challenged her first musical performance and even gave up the opportunity to film a Chinese movie to attend the event. During the segment, Ella, who is slated to host the ceremony for the next two years, made six costumes in total.

However, netizens were unhappy that she constantly mentioned her husband, Alvin Lai, on stage and criticised the S.H.E member for being unprofessional as she imitated Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi Ling’s “hug of love”. Chi Ling had hugged Tony Leung and Andy Lau at the ceremony last year as a form of encouragement.

While many put Ella down, other netizens supported her for being genuinely adorable. Alvin also did his part on Weibo and wrote: “Applause plus bear hug [for you]! Wifey you’ve done well. Your seriousness and hard work gave us an unforgettable night.”

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