Ella Koon gives birth to her first child

Actress only reveals a photo of the baby’s feet

Ella Koon 1

Hong Kong actress, model and singer Ella Koon has given birth to her first child, a boy named Gabriel-Antonio Maurellet. She delivered the baby weighing 3.03 kg by cesarean section, with her husband cutting the cord and staying by her side throughout the delivery.

Though the first-time mum had actively shared updates and photos during her pregnancy, she didn’t immediately announce the arrival of “Bébé G” on social media. Instead, she released through her record company a snap of the baby’s feet.

Ella Koon 2

Ella said she no longer felt any pain from the incision, and that she couldn’t yet tell whether the baby resembles her or her husband. Asked about her experience with breastfeeding, she said it was indescribable, but the newborn was cooperative.

Ella, 36, married her husband, a doctor of Chinese–French descent, this year. The actress is known for her roles in the Hong Kong comedy film 72 Tenants of Prosperity and drama series Highs and Lows, as well as for her performance of “Endless Love” on The Voice (Hong Kong).

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