Elva Hsiao down with gastritis

The 35-year-old’s Singaporean boyfriend Elroy Cheo tagged along and tended to her

Elva Hsiao down with gastritis
Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao was recently down with gastritis after holding a year-end celebratory party for her fashion boutique.

According to Taiwanese media, the 35-year-old had booked a pub in Taipei and threw a lavish party last Sunday night (Feb 15) to thank the staff of her self-established fashion label Carry Me for bringing in more than NT$3 million (approximately S$130, 000) in profit in a short span of over a year since the brand’s establishment.

At 7 p.m. that evening, her crew of 21 staff members streamed into the pub while Elva and her Singaporean heir boyfriend Elroy Cheo arrived at 9 p.m. and swiftly joined in the event. While the pub’s doors and windows were tightly shut, reporters could tell from sounds and cheers from within the venue that the party had a spectacular atmosphere.

A friend of Elva who was present at the party also revealed that Elva’s staffs have mimicked her by dressing up in outfits she had worn while performing at several countdown concerts and other music events.

Elva, surprised and tickled by their creativity, gave out a red packet worth NT$100,000 (approximately S$4300). She was also said to have handsomely rewarded her staff a total of over millions of Taiwanese dollars that night.

At the same time, Elroy stuck close to Elva throughout the night, chatted happily with her friends and also generously offered red packets in the lucky draw for her staff.

Elva Hsiao down with gastritis
At about 11 p.m. that night, Elva left the pub after most of her guests have gone home. While she exited the pub, the 35-year-old was asked about when she would get married with Elroy. Elva, with her cheeks flushed red after a night of drinks, smiled but declined to answer while Elroy shielded her from the media as they made their way to their car.

Shortly after she returned home, Elva went out again for supper. As the singer had eaten cold noodles after consuming alcohol at her party, the media speculated that it had led to her gastritis.

Elva’s manager clarified that she is now feeling better after resting at home and taking her medication the day after the party. He also revealed that the singer was already experiencing discomfort in her stomach for some time and it coupled with her exhaustion from work to induce her gastritis.

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