Elva Hsiao & Elroy Cheo cross roads with Kai Ko in Macau

Elroy and Kai are said to have been friends while the latter was still dating Elva

Elva Hsiao & Elroy Cheo cross roads with Kai Ko in Macau

The Venetian Macau saw some of the biggest names in boxing for The Showdown at Sands on March 7. The world championship event also saw numerous celebrities in the audience, with Taiwanese Mandopop star Elva Hsiao one of the many invited to grace the show.

Her boyfriend, Elroy Cheo, was also in attendance while ex-boyfriend Kai Ko was belatedly revealed to have been invited to attend the same event.

Elroy updated his personal Instagram with ringside photos that confirmed his attendance while netizens discovered Kai’s appearance in a picture that Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue uploaded.

Elva Hsiao & Elroy Cheo cross roads with Kai Ko in Macau

Kai and Elroy are believed to have been friends but unfollowed each other on Instagram in July last year. It was later confirmed that Elva and Kai had gone their separate ways and reports suggest that the concern that Elroy paid to the superstar ultimately caused the two to end up dating.

Elva was recently spotted in Singapore during the Lunar New Year, sparking rumours that she may be ready to tie the knot with her local beau.

Kai returned to Taiwan yesterday and was probed on whether he had met either Elroy or Elva while in Macau. After freezing momentarily, he is said to have composed himself before responding that he did say hello to Elroy but did not bump into Elva. He quickly made his way into a nearby elevator, escaping further questions on the matter.

The Taiwanese actor recently gained praise for having matured after being embroiled in a marijuana case alongside Jaycee Chan last year. With the 23-year-old on the road to rebuilding a good image for himself, some questioned if the easy access to the numerous casinos in Macau would impact him negatively.

His manager confirmed that the 23-year-old did not step into the casino and was only there to attend the boxing match. He went on to share that casual gambling at casinos would not serve as a problem as long as one did not get addicted to such behaviour. 

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