Eric Moo’s father dies of cancer

The singer’s father died of colon cancer last Saturday (Nov 22) night in Singapore 

Eric Moo

Malaysian-born Singapore-based singer Eric Moo’s 81-year-old father has passed away from colon cancer last Saturday (Nov 22) night in Singapore.

During his concert Eric Moo In Concert held earlier this month, the 51-year-old revealed that his father was diagnosed with the illness in April and hoped for him to persevere so that he could attend his concert next year. Unfortunately, his condition took a turn for the worse.

On Saturday night, Eric mourned his father’s passing on Weibo: “I was not able to hold your hand at your last moments, I can’t bear for you to leave. Please go in peace and I will return to you soon. Do know that the separation is temporary, we will meet again in the Heavens.”

The Honorary Award winner at this year’s Singapore Hit Awards flew in yesterday to attend his father’s funeral but plagued with fatigue, Eric refused to talk about “family matters” when journalists rang him up. His manager revealed the singer had already prepared himself for the worst in April but is nonetheless regretful over his loss.

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