Ethan Ruan curses netizens to “go and die”

The emotionally unstable Ethan Ruan flared up at netizens and told them to “go to hell” and “go and die”

Ethan Ruan curses netizens to “go and die”
Taiwanese celebrities Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu have been questioned endlessly about their relationship status since the eight-year relationship reportedly ended three days ago.

Early Wednesday morning, the 32-year-old actor-model Ethan responded to the rumours on Weibo with: “Our relationship is none of your business! Tiffany is still my woman and Dong Yu will always be just a granddaughter to me. Silly rumours!”

The post has since accumulated nearly 20,000 comments, with some calling Ethan “arrogant” and some praising him for “being a man”. However, most of the comments called him out for being very disrespectful towards women and one even said: “Since you dare to cheat, you deserve to die!”

As a result, Ethan disregarded his image as an actor and shot back at the commenters with: “Go to hell”, “Go and die!” and “This is my page and only I am allowed to criticise people. I’ll have you removed!”.

His wild behaviour and rude language stunned fans who told the actor to ignore the hateful comments. They wrote messages like: “Why care about what the netizens say? They are just trying to provoke you” and “Swearing and cursing out of anger is normal, but to abuse netizens in the comments is too low. After all, you are a public figure.”

Ethan’s agent was uncontactable at press time. Tiffany, who was at the Okinawa International Movie Festival yesterday, was bombarded with questions about her relationship. She made a hurried exit and merely replied: “Thanks for your attention.”

Tiffany’s staff revealed that she has been acting normally and does not seem affected by the news reports.

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