Fake wedding photos of Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi surface online

Netizens urge the couple to hold their wedding banquet soon

Fans of celebrity couple Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi are seemingly hoping for them to hold a wedding banquet soon, as a set of photos rumoured to be taken at their banquet venue was recently posted online.

Netizens fell for the hoax and congratulated the Taiwanese actor and Chinese actress, who were seen standing sweetly next to each other in the photos.

Nicky’s manager swiftly stepped out to clarify that the photos were unreal and merely doctored by fans. He further disproved the photos’ authenticity by adding that Nicky currently has shoulder-length hair as he is preparing to film a period drama.

Even if so, netizens poured out their blessings for the couple and urged them to hold a wedding banquet soon and start making plans for a baby.

However, the two have been busy with their acting career after registering for their marriage in January this year. They also explicitly expressed that they do not intend to hold a wedding ceremony or have a child anytime soon.

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