Father’s injury causes Hu Ge to miss Nicky Wu–Cecilia Liu wedding

Actor follows updates on nuptials from afar


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Chinese actor Hu Ge, 33, had to miss out on attending the Nicky Wu–Cecilia Liu wedding in Bali on March 20 because his father suffered broken bones in a traffic accident.

Yesterday, the actor wrote on Weibo that his father was knocked over by a motorcycle and fractured his left shoulder in multiple places. His father then had metal plates and eight screws implanted.

“But my father could lie in bed and hit ‘like’ on updates on the wedding coming up in his newsfeed — that’s impressive,” Hu Ge added.

He ended his message by congratulating his “little sister and brother-in-law.” “It feels great to get to call you my brother-in-law,” he wrote. “Make me an uncle soon.”


Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng, 46, who starred alongside the newlyweds in the Chinese period drama Scarlet Heart, was absent from their wedding too.

Asked why he didn’t attend the wedding, Kevin said, “Maybe they know I’m lazy and I dislike travelling too far, so to spare me the awkwardness they didn’t invite me. That way I didn’t have to agonise over whether to go.”

The actor mentioned the marriage of Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu last December, and said that if a wedding takes place at a distant location, he would take a long time to decide whether to go. “Weddings in Hong Kong are best for me!” he said.

Kevin denied the rumours that he was on bad terms with Nicky, but he said he hadn’t been in touch with them as frequently in recent years.

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